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Dr. Dilshad

Dr. Dilshad is an Educator, Communication and Leadership Coach, Social Impact Strategist, Author, and a Broadcast Journalist

She is a professor of Strategic Communication and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University. She is also the founder of World Women Global Council, & Lead 2 Empower, platforms for social impact initiatives and global leadership training. She served as the co-chair for Women of Color and Media Outreach for Asian Americans in the last presidential election.

Her 3 decades of exceptional civil leadership have won her several local and national accolades including “Obama’s Immigrant Journey Awards” – for professional excellence and outstanding mentorship. Recently, she presented her research on “The Impact of Social Media in the acculturation of Immigrant Communities at the Annual Journalism Conference. Her expertise in curating unique programs and models of empowerment using educational technology, citizen diplomacy, media, broadcasting, leadership communication, and conflict resolution help bridge the gap between gender equality, economic sustainability and intercultural Communication to meet the global job markets She has also served on the advisory board at the Public Broadcasting Service for eight years representing minorities and ideas for outreach programming.

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Dilshad offers a thought-provoking approach to success… ”
– Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Leadership Trainer/Speaker

Dilshad is a leadership trainer and a motivational speaker who delivers a strong message of diversity, gender empowerment and forward-thinking success strategies. We custom design diverse range of topics that will create a lasting impression for your audience. Book your next session now !

Teaching, Training and Executive Coaching Services

Teaching and

  • Intercultural Conflict and Negotiation Adaptivity
  • Pluralism Framework for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Strategic Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Emotion Regulation with 5-Point Mindfulness
  • Unique Models of Interfaith Conflict Resolution


  • Emotion Regulation with 5-Point Mindfulness
  • 5 types of Breath Work- Life Enhancing Techniques
  • 6 minute Hindi/Urdu/English Guided Meditation
  • Corporate Mindfulness Sessions for productivity
  • Guided Imagery Mindfulness for Children and Teenagers
  • Leadership Coaching In Diversity Sustainability

Leadership Coaching in Diversity

  • Beliefs, Biases, Prejudices, and Stereotypes
  • Sustainability Mindsets for Strategic Management
  • Communicating with Diverse Team Members
  • Diagnostic Approach to Executive Decision Making
  • Power of Neurodiversity and How to Engage Teams

Corporate Productivity and
Family Power

  • How to Build Vision, Value, People, and Practices
  • Future of AI, Worklife Balance, and Happiness Index
  • Ten Ways to Build Trust and Family Policies
  • Clear Map to Establish a Workplace Well Being Guide


  • Intercultural Interfaith Conflict Negotiation Practices
  • Immigrants, Social Media Acculturation
  • Climate Change, Technology, and Cultural Shift
  • Gender Equity and Policy Gaps
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health

Projects & Initiatives

Our Projects and Initiatives from – Present have primarily focused on gender equity and family empowerment. There is much-needed political representation of our youth and young women. WWGC aims to continue empowering through education, media advocacy, proactive health interventions, entrepreneur and leadership skills, along with resource access using multimodal approaches. The STEM leadership and Microfinance Initiative in South Asia brought good outcomes in partnership with Asia Initiatives (NY).

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Broadcast Journalist

“Dilshad’s media work with the UN and immigrant communities spans more than a decade. She produced and hosted South Asian radio empowerment talk shows nationally in a bilingual format. She has delivered over shows influencing more than one million listeners along the East Coast and Texas for 9 years with multiplier family and community impact. She designed cross-cultural parental communication identifying mental health and acculturation issues, addressing them through mindfulness and interfaith resource mobilization.”

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